Match je klanten direct met de juiste product door filters

The basic conditions for your webshop

One of the most important elements of a webshop are its navigation, filters and search functions. This is the basis for making products findable and offering products online. Thus very important for the conversion and user experience. One of the biggest irritations among webshop visitors is not being able to find products, fast. Within Vendic Elements you are assured of an optimal functioning of the navigation and search function through the use of Elastic Suite. Elastic Suite is based on the search engine Elastic Search with the important addition of technical improvements to the native Magento search. This way the technology stays close to Magento, but the function is focused on conversion optimization. Elastic Suite is fully configurable, so you can achieve the best results and you can make your visitors as easy and comfortable as possible. In this article we zoom in on the filtering and the functions that increase conversion.


Filters are shown on the category page and make the results within a category more relevant to the visitor. The more relevant the filters and the results, the easier it will be for visitors to find specific products. Which causes increased conversion and Elastic Suite also addresses the user experience within the functions.

Function: Autocomplete in layered navigation filters

Sometimes you have a long list of filter options, for example if you use many brands. To keep it manageable for the user you can use the "show more" function. This ensures that not the entire list is shown, but only the first few results. As a user, you can choose whether you want to see the entire list.

Furthermore, the autocomplete function in the filter offers a search window where you can search by filter option. In the example below a material is searched. The autocomplete function immediately starts searching and shows instant results that match the keyword.


Function: Multiple select filtering & swatches

The native Magento Layered Navigation does not offer multiple select, so you cannot choose multiple options in your filter at the same time. For example, think of two brands that you want to choose at the same time. Elastic Suite does offer this conversion booster and user experience enhancement. In the example below you can see how you can filter on two different types of material.

multiselect facet

Not only the usual attribute options can be used as multiple select, but with Elastic Suit it is also possible for color / material swatches.

multiselect swatches

Function: Pricing slider & custom sliders

A feature that majorly contributes to the user experience is the pricing slider. The native functionality of the Magento price function shows the prices in steps.

Standard Magento price

Furthermore, Elastic Suite also offers the possibility to display custom attributes as sliders. For example, consider a temperature slider.

The right filters within your webshop quickly connect your visitor with the desired product. This way you increase the conversion and user experience of your webshop. Are you curious about the possibilities of Elastic Suite, or do you want us to take a look at the filters of your webshop? Then contact us.