Verhoog je conversie door gebruiksvriendelijke navigatie

The basic conditions for your webshop

One of the most important elements of a webshop are its navigation, filters and search functions. This is the basis for making products findable and offering products online. Thus very important for the conversion and user experience. One of the biggest irritations among webshop visitors is not being able to find products, fast. Within Vendic Elements you are assured of an optimal functioning of the navigation and search function through the use of Elastic Suite. Elastic Suite is based on the search engine Elastic Search with the important addition of technical improvements to the native Magento search. This way the technology stays close to Magento, but the function is focused on conversion optimization. Elastic Suite is fully configurable, so you can achieve the best results and you can make your visitors as easy and comfortable as possible. In this article we zoom in on the navigation and the functions that increase conversion.

By the term navigation we mean how the visitor navigates through your webshop. You can influence this through your menu bar, filtering and search function. You can use the operation and styling of this to facilitate navigation for the visitor.

Function: Result Redirect

With this function it is possible to directly redirect search results that only yield 1 search query to the product page. This way you keep the search function relevant and you ensure that the visitor immediately gets the result that was searched for. This saves you unnecessary clicks and contributes to an improved user experience. (1)

Function: Categories based on Rules

Managing and adding products to categories can take a lot of time, with the Category rule function you have this job done in no time. You can automatically fill a category based on rules. These rules consist of existing Magento attributes. You also have the choice of native Magento criteria such as products in the sale, products with images or products in stock, for which you do not have to make attributes. For example, you can create a category that shows all men's products in the sale. Or as in the example below all blue woolen or cotton products that are on sale. After you have made the rule, you will see a preview of the relevant products.

search optimizers
Suppose you created a rule based on blue products and you see some products that meet the blue attribute, but you find it unsuitable. Then you can still exclude these products. The more specific, the better.

Function: Drag & Drop position

Positioning products in a category in Magento Open Source is done by manually entering the position number. You sometimes encounter problems with this when new products are added or you want to change the position of certain products. You must then ensure that all figures of the product positions are adjusted. With Elastic Suite this is a thing of the past. The product order is adjusted automatically with the Drag & Drop function. After saving the category, products are automatically sorted, whereby you can determine yourself which products should be placed in a different position.

virtual categories dnd

The correct navigation within your webshop quickly connects your visitor with the desired product. This way you increase the conversion and user experience of your webshop. Are you curious about the possibilities of Elastic Suite, or do you want us to take a look at the navigation of your webshop? Then contact us.