Magento 2 webshop

What is Magento?

Magento is the most widely used open source e-commerce platform in the Netherlands. A Magento 2 webshop gives online entrepreneurs a lot of flexibility and control over the appearance, content and functionality of their webshop. Moreover, they are stable, super-fast and scalable and therefore extremely suitable for both large and small web stores. With Magento 2 you can move along with technological developments and meet the needs of your enduser.

Magento 2 in a nutshell

Higher performance levels

Site speeds can be up to 20% faster on Magento 2, which enables and encourages improved usability.

Magic on mobile

Magento 2 is built with mobile users as a starting point, the e-commerce platform supports mobile responsiveness for sites.

Faster checkout processes

Magento 2 offers a two-phase payment process compared to the six phases of Magento 1. That means fewer shopping cart abandons and a better user experience.

Great admin

Magento 2 has a newly designed administrator interface that is responsive and user-friendly and allows multiple administrators to make changes and updates at the same time.

Vendic Elements

As starting point for every new Magento 2 webshop we use our own developed Elements. Elements is a Magento 2 webshop based on Magento Blank theme with additions and adjustments that we and our customers would like to see in a webshop. All developed modules and features were developed by Vendic itself. Elements makes it possible for a company to have a powerful Magento 2 webshop live within six weeks. In addition, Elements can be expanded at any time with customization and extra modules. Take Elements as the starting point for the further development and work towards maximizing shopping experiences, order value and conversion.

More benefits from Elements:
  • enterprise package, for a community price
  • customizable with modules and custom requests
  • fully customizable by customer, further development takes place based on customer requirements
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Connect Magento with your software

With Magento 2 it is possible to link various systems with each other through API links. Automate business processes by linking your webshop with an ERP package or link it to an accounting system. We can also make customized links for your Magento store. These can be both backend and frontend features. With the realization of our tailor-made links, beautiful automation and efficiency gains are achieved. The webshop can seamlessly connect to the most important business processes of your company.

Connect Magento with your software
  • Accounting software: Exact and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Shipping software: PostNL and Sendcloud
  • Payment service provider: Pay, MultisafePay, Adyen and Mollie
  • Inventory management: Picqer

Product information management

Managing products is an essential part of your webshop. To apply this process efficiently, you can use a Product Information Management system, also known as PIM. With a PIM system, it is possible to manage all product information from one place and distribute it across all channels. By using a centralized platform you improve the quality and consistency of product data and save a lot of time. At Vendic we use the open source software Akeneo. Akeneo is a flexible and user-friendly PIM system with endless possibilities to add and enrich product data for all channels. This makes product information management a lot easier for our customers.

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Magento migration

If you are an entrepreneur with an e-commerce webshop that uses the Magento 1 platform, time is running out and an important choice is waiting for you. Magento 1 will come to an end soon. Switching is necessary if you want to keep your webshop safe and up-to-date. Or are you experiencing limits at your current platform? Magento will be the perfect next step for professionalizing your shop. With Elments as a base, your shop is migrated to a powerful Magento 2 webshop within six weeks. Elements is an affordable solution for entrepreneurs who want to benefit from a ready-to-use webshop. Do you want advice on switching to Magento 2? Contact us.

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Vendic, Magento 2 specialists

We are a fan of Magento and we are aswell specialized as Magento certified. Do you want a new webshop or is your webshop ready for change? We like to think along and help you realize a Magento webshop that you hardly have to worry about. View our cases for specific examples or read more about our working method.

Magento Migration Whitepaper

  • Hoe het precies zit met end-of-life van Magento 1
  • Waarom Magento 2 de juiste ecommerce partner is
  • 10 redenen om te migreren naar Magento 2
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