PIM - Product Information Management

More sales and fewer returns

Managing products in an essential part for your webshop. Showing the correct data alongside the product is important information for both the customer and Google. Managing all the product information is often seen as a time-consuming task. We often see different ways of processing the product information. This is at the expense of continuity, because the data is not the same for every product.

To make this process more efficiently, you can use a Product Information Management system, also known as PIM. With a PIM system, it is possible to manage all your product information from one place and distribute it across all channels. By using a centralized platform you improve the quality and consistency of product data and save a lot of time.

Never again incorrect product information

In a PIM system you can manage all your product information efficiently. Information about product descriptions, technical specifications, colors, dimensions, images, instructional videos, translations and manuals. The PIM system forms the basis of your data. From this system you can easily send product information to all your sales and e-commerce channels, both online and offline.

Smart software for your product management

A Vendic we use the Open Source software Akeneo. Akeneo is a flexible and user-friendly PIM system with endless possibilities to add and enrich product data for all channels. This makes product information management a lot easier for our customers.

Focus on product data

ERP and PIM systems are similar. Both systems automate information and simplify processes. However, ERP focuses on transactional data, while PIM focuses on product data. PIM supports the marketing of a product. Additional information such as product videos and extensive descriptions are stored in a PIM, after which it can be distributed to different channels. The advantage is that the data is identical for all channels, which means that the customer experience is the same via each channel.

A PIM can provide support with consistent information about a product, which has a good effect on reliability and conversion.

Akeneo & Magento 2

To be able to use Akeneo, it must be linked to your Magento 2 webshop. By linking the systems together and realizing automated real-time synchronization, the product range is always up-to-date and enriched with relevant content. Vendic seamlessly connects the PIM system to your webshop. The link ensures that all product data can be managed in an efficient and time-saving manner. This gives you the chance to grow your webshop.

Magento Community and Akeneo’s PIM system are both open source software. With the right expertise in-house, it is possible to adjust both Magento and Akeneo completely to your wishes and needs.

The benefits of Akeneo

Link PIM
Whether the product data is used to feed the ERP system, the webshop, mobile or print: all systems are seamlessly connected to each other.
Different languages
You can add an unlimited number of languages and easily edit texts in any desired language. This way you can easily manage your translations in one place.
Unlimited attributes
Decide whether attributes are mandatory and whether these are important for the completeness of your product data. And enter data in advance, from which customers can choose in the webshop.

For whom is a PIM system suitable?

  • for everyone who works with product catalog management (large number of products, complex combinations, etc.)
  • for anyone who wants to centralize their product data for different sales channels
  • for anyone who wants to keep the quality of his data (duplicate control, completeness, etc.) manageable and consistent
  • for anyone who gets nightmares from the huge spreadsheets in which product information is currently being managed

Do you have a large or rapidly changing assortment and do you want to use data as efficiently as possible? The Akeneo is the ideal solution. Even when your products are seasonal, contain a lot of information or are temporary offers, Akeneo can offer support in terms of your data.

Akeneo & Vendic

For some of our customers, a PIM system has become an important part of the webshop. Linking a PIM system such as Akeneo to the Magento webshop facilitates the management of product data. In the first phase, we look at the needs that suit your webshop. We then link the new PIM system to your Magento shop and we migrate the current product data into the PIM system. Now you can get started with managing your product data.

Want to know more of view a demo?

We are happy to help you on your way with the data and channels that we can link for you. Are you curious about the possibilities in Akeneo? Make an appointment with our specialists to view a Magento-Akeneo demo.

You can also call us, we are happy to help.