Progressive Web Apps


PWA: The Next Big Thing

A Progressive Web Application has a lot of advantages compared to a traditional website. A PWA is user-friendly, increases customer loyalty and conversions. Curious how PWA looks like in real-life?.

Curious how PWA looks like in real-life? Check out Dutch’s first PWA (Vue Storefront + Magento 2) webshop, a scoop in e-commerce land! Contact us for the demo.

Want to build a PWA?

A Progressive Web App is the future for webshops. By choosing PWA the webshop owner as well as the end-user enjoy the many advantages it provides. The site works offline and without downtime, is responsive and it is even possible to add the app to the home screen of your device.

A PWA shop loads completely instantly when used for the first time, this makes it superfast. In case added to your device it can use functionalities like camera, GPS and even send push notifications. Which causes an increase in recurring visitors and customer loyalty. Do you want more in-depth information about PWA? Read our blog about Progressive Web Apps here.

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High ranking in Google is obviously very important. Did you know a PWA shop has a positive influence on your SEO results? Google stimulates the use of Progressive Web Apps. In contrast with a native app all pages of a PWA site are indexed. PWA shops are also superfast, considered user-friendly and responsive for all devices. Also Google indexes mobile-first, which will be no problem a PWA. These are all things that are viewed as important by Google and rewarded with a higher ranking.


Many traditional websites and shops that transferred to a Progressive Web Application have seen an increase in conversion. For remarkable facts and figures take a look at Pwastats. TThere are a few reasons for this upsurge, like fast loading time, smooth and flexible checkout process and the responsive design. Also a PWA is reliable and accessible for every web browser and has an improves User Experience (UX). A PWA webshop is always accessible, even offline, while updating the backend and when dealing with slow networks. Very cool, because this makes it possible to shop offline.

Maintenance & development costs

For developers it is easier and cheaper to program a PWA compared to a native app. While it is one application that functions as a website as well as an app. For the webshop owner the efficiency increases, because the maintenance will be done in one backend only. Within a PWA shop the front-end is linked via API’s to a (Magento) back-end. While updating the back-end the API’s remain unchanged. The front-end stays available during the updates. Keeping the average costs for development and maintenance low. Much lower than developing a native app.

How about the cons?

Besides the many advantages the PWA provides there is a (temporarily) disadvantage we’d like to address. Though the PWA can be viewed in iOS, there are a few features not supported still by Apple. For example push notifications are not being sent to iPhone users, this is not yet supported by the Safari browser.

There are a lot of recent developments and with every iOS update more features are available. We are still waiting for Apple to embrace the PWA like we did.


Conversion boost
Push notifications
For all devices
Offline shopping
Based on API's

I want PWA

We use Magento 2 as back-end when developing a Progressive Web Application webshop. If you don’t have a Magento shop, no worries! With existing webshops it is possible to migrate your data to Magento 2. This is also the case if another eCommerce platform is in use. Additionally you can choose a CMS system like or Wordpress. When looking for a PWA website without a shop function a Magento back-end isn’t even needed. It is possible to use the existing back-end or to choose from any desired platform. It is also possible to link the webshop as well as the website to different systems by using API’s, systems like PIM software or ERP. For the front-end we at Vendic choose the Vue Storefront framework. As core partner of VueStorefront we can tell you all about the benefits the framework produces for the users.

Excited reading about all the advantages of a Progressive Web Application webshop? Do you want to know more or if you want to know more about the possibilities for your current shop, contact us. We are eager to share our knowledge!.

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