Working method

We develop together with our customers. This way we realize projects that seamlessly connect with the organization, built with the techniques of today. Our customers wishes and the versatility of their industries give us new energy and allows us to create unique creations that we are proud of, every single time. Creations that amaze and convert visitors.

Our workflow

Elements as starting point

As starting point for every new Magento 2 webshop we use our own developed Elements. It is the best-practice full-responsive B2B or B2C webshop with additions and adjustments that we and our customers like to see in a webshop.

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Development method

We ensure that our customers’ ideas are converted into a stable online solution as quickly as possible. We do this by working with the Agile Scrum development method, where we use short development cycles (several short sprints). We then use the Continuous Delivery Method (a software development method) to automate the process of testing and pushing online. This means quick results with higher quality and a short time-to-market. An important principle is that our team comes to a product that adds value as quickly as possible, in our case: the Minimum Loveable Product (MLP). We regularly consult with our customers to respond to progressive insights. Working step by step to achieve online results.

Both of these methods ensure that our processes and the wishes of the customer run smoothly into each other. This way we can continue to innovate together, integrate new wishes and guarantee the stability in the processes. An additional advantage: the quality and development speed of the software is higher and the costs are lower than with traditional development methods.

Building online success together

We believe in a transparent collaboration and are, just like our used software and tools, open. We think it is important to emphasize this to our customers. Our customer loyalty is based on quality, mutual trust and maximum commitment. Customer participation is very important to us. The direct feedback we receive creates the ideal condition to focus on customer value.

We develop together with our customers. Customers can watch live the test environments and development environments. As a customer, you know exactly what to expect, you can follow the progress live and provide new insights immediately. And when an assignment requires it, we are happy to bundle our strength, expertise and experience with the customer and our partners.



Dedicated team

Magento experts

Agile method

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Vendic is one of the most impactful contributors in Vue Storefront community. They are our core partner from the very beginning and constantly help our community grow by promoting the platform, organizing unique events and what is most important proving how great Vue Storefront is by building outstanding shops with it. Vendic played one of the key roles on making Vue Storefront a market leader and I’m really proud to have them in our community.

Filip Rakowski Vue Storefront
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Vendic specializes in Magento 2 webshops. They are a great partner to work with whom we highly appreciate. We are looking forward to work with them on their new projects and PWA shops to integrate our payment solution.

Priscilla-Fleur Hellemons PAY.

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